Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Alan's blog Avocare is but a week old, yet he already has caught something interesting in the WSJ. Seems that Khidhir Hamza, who used to head Iraq's nuclear weapons program (oh, that program!) is not especially impressed with UN inspections:
My 20 years of work in Iraq's nuclear-weapons program and military industry were partly a training course in methods of deception and camouflage to keep the program secret. Given what I know about Saddam Hussein's commitment to developing and using weapons of mass destruction, the following two points are abundantly clear to me: First, the U.N. weapons inspectors will not find anything Saddam does not want them to find. Second, France, Germany, and to a degree, Russia, are opposed to U.S. military action in Iraq mainly because they maintain lucrative trade deals with Baghdad, many of which are arms-related.
Nothing new to regular blogosphere dwellers here, but what a source! There's more; go have a look.

Update: You can read the entire article at OpinionJournal.com. Registration is required, but it's free.

Update 2: Had I not been remiss in checking LGF today (in-con-ceiv-able!), I would have known that Charles Johnson blogged about Mr. Hamza this morning. He's got the link, and, of course, the lively discussion in the comments.


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