Saturday, February 15, 2003
Alan has noticed that the North Koreans are taking lessons from Yasser & Co.:
... through the visit to the old home, youth, university students and schoolchildren from throughout the country have vowed to always share the same destiny with Kim Jong Il and prepare themselves as human bombs to defend the headquarters of the revolution ...
This is from the press release of the official North Korean mouthpiece. How likely is it to reflect reality? Who knows -- it's scary enough that the North Koreans would actually brag about this to the world.

Children as bombs -- they're not just for Arabs anymore.

Update: Dean points out in the comments that the Japanese had intended to use women and children for suicide attacks against American soldiers during WWII, which is probably the tradition from which Korean threat comes. He also correctly hastens to distinguish between using suicide bombers against military assets, as is the case here, and using them against civilians, as the Palestinians have been doing. Both points are valid; thanks, Dean. Still, the notion of any country's press agency proudly declaring this to the world is sickening.


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