Thursday, July 03, 2003
This past Tuesday, hundreds of thousands marched in Hong Kong to protest a "security" law, pushed through by the mainland government.
Hong Kong's national security law, expected to pass in a few days, will ban subversion, treason, sedition and other crimes against the state, giving police more powers and carrying life prison sentences for some offenses.
Let's see, a power grab that restricts freedom of speech and imposes onerous sentences, by a government with a history of brutal suppression of dissent - check. Large number of protestors - check. Dramatic speeches - check. Flag-burnings, etc. - check.

Hundreds of news organizations covered the story. Guess who did not? In case you're curious, the main site (which I won't link to; I have standards) has the following stories, listed in reverse chronological order:

  • Asian Developement [sic] Bank VS. Anti-Capitalist Action - July 3, 2003
  • Direct Action in Europe to Protect Woodlands - July 3, 2003
  • Some Gains, Many Challenges Ahead (a story on gay rights) - June 30, 2003
  • Thousands Demonstrate Against Bush During California Fund Raisers (with "as many as 10,000" protestors) - June 28, 2003
  • 30 years after the coup, struggle and resistance (a story from Uruguay) - June 27, 2003
The Hong Kong protests happened on July 1st. Not a peep. Let's all hear it for these idealistic freedom fighters, protecting the world from fascism and oppression.


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