Wednesday, July 02, 2003
By way of Charles Johnson comes news that Saudi Arabia is set to host a world conference on human rights.

(Suggested conference theme: Who needs them, anyway!)

The SRCS official said invitations had been sent to many local and international organizations. A number of universities, the Shoura Council, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the King Faisal Foundation, the International Red Cross Society, the Muslim World League (MWL), the Italy-based International Institute for Human Rights and some UN organizations including UNESCO and UNICEF have been invited to attend.
Between the Shoura Council, the OIC, and the King Faisal Foundation -- to say nothing of the Muslim World League! -- I'm sure much new ground will be broken. And that's just to bury adulterers.

Let's all wish the attendees luck, remind them to send only male delegates, and hope that the weekly beheadings don't spoil the atmosphere of good will and mutual understanding that is sure to be fostered at such a prestigious international event.

(Of course, the truly sad thing is that a "human rights conference" held in Brussels or New York would be equally meaningless -- just less ironic.)


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