Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Courtesy of the Inoperable Terran, I found a rather neat comparison of headlines on the parliamentary findings on the accusations that the Blair government misled Parliament. Not surprisingly, one British "news" service has ...unusual emphasis.

I first heard this story listening to The World -- a co-production of the BBC and Public Radio International -- while driving home last night. The story, which you can listen to from this page, was actually pretty thorough, immediately made the listener aware of the fact that Blair was cleared, and seemed to genuinely try to be balanced about the whole thing.

But frankly, I could have skipped the story, because the instant they mentioned it, I knew that Blair was cleared. How did I know this? What magical powers of prediction have I to guide me? Well, none. All I have is a clock in my car. The story wasn't even mentioned until about 10 minutes into the program. Had Parliament found Blair guilty of cover-up, does anyone doubt that The World would have led with it?


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