Wednesday, July 09, 2003
I've seen people ask where the moderate Muslims are hiding. Well, they aren't. In fact, they were protesting on New York City streets today. Against theocracy, repression, and the Hizbollah. Naturally, the usual ANSWER-controlled protestors "against war," "for real democracy," or some other such BS were nowhere to be found. Saving their strength to fight the really crucial battles, no doubt: GMO beans, Starbucks, and Bushitler. Well, we all have our priorities.

Actually, they did spare a couple of second-stringers:

On the sidewalk outside the protest, two Americans were holding a big banner stating "US Hands off Iran." Some Iranians then stationed themselves in front of these counter-protesters with their own banners, obscuring it. The counter-protesters then relocated across the street.
Nice to see the "Hands off Iraq" posters reused so quickly.

On the other hand, and everyone linked to above has mentioned it, these protests seemed to receive zero coverage in the West. CNN's US News page has no mention of them at all (apparently, a bear attack in Utah is more newsworthy). Google News's only mention of Iran is in reference to the dead Bijani twins. Yahoo News has one (one!) story from AFP in Washington, and that was nowhere near the front pages; I had to search for it.

This is ridiculous -- and appalling. A few dozen anti-Bush dipwads marching in Senegal merit several global wire stories from AP and Reuters, even if they have to interview the same dimwit with a dumb sign in order to have him "give voice to the concerns of a continent." But hundreds of Iranians march in Washington, New York, Austin, LA -- not to mention Paris, London, Barcelona, Bern, and The Hague -- and no one seems to give a damn. I guess a protest just ain't a protest unless there's puppets and riot police.


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