Monday, October 27, 2003
Saddam supporters appear to be working overtime to lose sympathy from all sides:
The deadly bomb blasts that rocked Baghdad on the first morning of [Ramadan] are now thought to have killed up to 40 people, claim latest reports.

A suicide bomber driving an ambulance detonated the device at the gates of the Red Cross headquarters in the Iraqi capital killing 12 people.
Emphasis mine. Ambulances as bomb carriers -- another Palestinian innovation!

I'm sure that in the wake of this latest atrocity, the world will finally see that this is not "resistance" but rather flat-out terrorism, and that removing these scumbags was a high priority.

...Yeah, right.

Update: Yep, no surprise: once someone other than Americans, Israelis, or Iraqis are hit, the EU charges right in to condemn these attacks, with Amnesty International not far behind:

"Armed groups must end the policy of targeting Iraqi civilians and international humanitarian agencies who are trying to provide help and assistance to a devastated country," said Amnesty International.
Ooh, that'll show 'em! Bad Ba'athists! Bad Saddam supporters! Naughty!

But hey, at least they are on the right side here. For contrast, check out this "report" in the L.A. Times, practically brimming with admiration for the "resistance" fighters beating down the "embattled American occupation."


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