Friday, October 31, 2003
Occasionally, while some thoughts are coalescing in my head for a post, I find that someone else has saved me the trouble of making my point. To wit, here is Cori Dauber on the poor excuse for coverage of Iraq -- The Tragedy Template:
Monday we were told the weekend of attacks in Baghdad suggested the war there was approaching some kind of tipping point, or crisis point, or turning point, or some kind of point anyway. Tuesday it was hard to find Iraq coverage of much detail at all. What lingers is a sense of chaos, of events spinning out of control, because that is where the story was left off, when in fact if the city was in chaos, surely they would have squeezed two minutes of air time out of the heartwarming stories of courage and sacrifice that were everywhere. . . A bit back the most important political story of the season was the willingness of the Senate to hand the administration a defeat by making part of Iraqi reconstruction loans, and this was seen as vital to the substance of the story too. Now when the Congress reverses that, it is barely worth mentioning?
Exactly. (Link via Instapundit.)


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