Monday, October 27, 2003

Calling Mahathir Mohamad...

Oh boy.
In Nigeria, Muslim suspicions impede polio immunization campaign, aiding disease spread

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) - Wielding droppers over mouths of teary toddlers, Nigerian and U.N. health workers launched an emergency drive Friday to vaccinate millions against polio (news - web sites), as a spreading outbreak put an estimated 15 million children at risk and threatened worldwide efforts to eradicate the crippling disease.

Impeding the four-day effort, Nigerian and U.N. officials said: Pervasive rumors among Muslim fundamentalists that the vaccine was part of a U.S. plot to spread AIDS and render Muslims infertile.

. . .

"Allah knows better than all Western powers combined," said one, Ya'u Kabir, a 26-year-old Muslim theology student. "He has guided the Muslim community since the time of old. This he did without immunization. We do not need it."
Do you hear that, Mahathir? The Ummah is thinking!

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