Monday, October 27, 2003

Anatomy of the strike into Syria

The Jerusalem Post has an absolutely amazing story of the strike into Syria by the Israeli Air Force. (And you don't have to register to read it, so go ahead and click away.)

Some crucial points:

When the squadron commander said they had the most suitable weapons, he meant every word. He told he magazine that they chose precision guided bombs instead of dumb bombs because it was imperative not to miss.

"Not everyone knows this, but just 100 meters from the wadi where the training base was located were houses from a civilian village. We needed to have absolute accuracy," he said.
There, in two paragraphs, you have the absolute moral superiority of the Israelis over Arabs. The Israelis were conducting a retaliatory strike against a deliberate bombing and murder of dozens of Israeli civilians -- but they still took pains to avoid hitting Arab civilians of an enemy nation. That's far better treatment than Syrians have received at the hands of the Syrian government.
"Bull's-eye!," he said. "The explosions were very large and full of fire. The secondary explosions that followed a few seconds later proved that the place was an ammo dump and full of weapons."
So the place was a stocked ammunition dump. So much for PFLP assertions that it was abandoned years ago. But really, if you can't believe the word of a Marxist Arab terrorist outfit, what's there left to believe in?

Update: Geoff the Grasshoppa draws a most enlightening contrast between Israeli actions and Syrian rhetoric.


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