Sunday, October 19, 2003
And speaking of gas chambers, let's turn once again to that lovable frustrated Malaysian Hitler-wannabe, "The Hon. Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad," as he is credited with his speech at the OIC website. (Do read the speech, by the way. It's really quite remarkable and rather parody-proof. And remember, this is the original, and he gave it in English.)

It doesn't surprise me one bit that this man would wax anti-Semitic, with the usual Muslim-world conspiracy theories and calls for final solutions. The man has a history of hating Jews, and he is not wild about Americans, and Australians, either. No, what I find so appalling (though not really surprising) is this tiny little line from an AP report on the speech:

The leaders gave Mahathir a standing ovation afterward.
Just to recap: Mahathir made a speech whose points included:
  • That he and the other leaders have been raised by Allah to rule (not represent, not serve, rule) their countries. (#9)

  • That the Muslims' "enemies" are out to attack and kill them, invade their lands, and bring down their governments. (which, of course, have been raised by Allah to rule their subjects) (#11)

  • Fond memories of the Europeans having to "kneel at the feet of Muslim scholars in order to access their own scholastic heritage." (#14)

  • That accepting "the western democratic system" divided the Muslims. (#19)

  • That Europeans "excise[d] Muslim land to create the state of Israel to solve their Jewish problem." (#20)

  • That global standards on human rights and consensual government are a form of "oppression" on "Muslim countries," denying them true independence. (#28)

  • That Jews are out to defeat Muslims. (#34)

  • That peace treaties are nothing but wartime tools to build strength, in order to defeat one's enemies later, per Mohammed's own example. (#35)

  • That Jews "rule the world by proxy" (#39) and that Muslims must work towards a "final victory" (!) over them (#38). The final victory would follow a "strategic retreat." (#38 and #49)

  • That Muslim societies must be modernized, but only as a means to defeating "the enemy." (#44, in context of the rest of the speech)

  • That Socialism, Communism, human rights, and democracy were all invented and promoted by the Jews, "so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so that they may enjoy equal rights with others," and that with these they have "gained control of the most powerful countries" and "have become a world power." (#51, emphasis mine)

And after this spew of lunatic hate and a modernization program straight out of the National Socialist party platform, the paranoid accusations of Jews running the world, the outright rejection of the principles of democracy and human rights as "oppression" of Muslims -- the leaders rulers of 56 states, representing nearly 1.3 billion Muslims, got up and gave this whackjob a standing ovation. Remind me, once again, how lunatic Judophobia is just a fringe phenomenon in the Muslim world.

It goes without saying, of course, that the UN made no comments aside from some limp-noodle pretty-pleases to stop suicide bombings against Israelis. But at least the U.S., Australia, Italy, Germany, and other countries expressed their outrage. All except... France, whose prime minister actually blocked a condemnation from the European Union!

In other words: the OIC, at its conference, gave a standing ovation to a speech claiming that democracy and universal human rights are nothing more than inventions used by Jews to control the world, and call for a modernization whose expressed purpose is to defeat those world-controlling Jews (and thus, presumably, their horrible notions of human rights and democracy). The speech got a standing ovation from the leaders of other Islamic countries, including supposedly "moderate, pro-Western" ones such as Hamid Karzai. And reaction from the rest of the world was, well, mixed, with France refusing to even support a verbal condemnation.

This is why I support Israel. This is why I place the sovereignty of Israel above any pronouncements of "international law." This is why I treat with indifference and utter contempt the very basic principles behind the United Nations. This is why I support the invasion of Iraq, or any other Islamic country with a WMD program. This is why I view the the French government as an enemy. And this is why I will never, ever support any subordination of U.S. sovereignty to the UN or "international law." "The world," with its dictatorships, full-scale oppression, mass murder, honor killings, ethnic slaughter, mass starvation, misogyny, bigotry, and madrassa-taught idiocy, will have to learn right from wrong first. Until it does, the UN hasn't earned the right to even look Brits, Americans, Israelis, or Australians in the eye, much less instruct them in proper behavior. As long as "leaders" such as Mahathir receive standing ovations from their audiences, I plan to keep those audiences on the business end of a rifle, thank you very much. And I fully support Israel in doing the same.


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