Tuesday, June 24, 2003
A most interesting photo slide show by the AFP in regards to the Supreme Court affirmative action decision.

There are 32 photos in this show as of the time of this entry. Five of them show the plaintiffs (three show Jennifer Gratz.)

There are at least nine distinct photos of proponents of affirmative action, mostly done as groups, but also a few "human-interest" pieces show people who are smiling, vivacious, celebrating, and diverse. One slide includes a cute doggie with a "VICTORY" sign on his side.

Another six or so photos of Mary Sue Coleman, U of M president.

Number of photos of affirmative action opponents: three (13, 25, and 26), and they are all of the same three men, who are (of course) white and not especially photogenic.

Must have been a real tempest in a teapot, eh, with only three guys opposed, and so many supporters? What was all the fuss about, anyway?


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