Sunday, June 15, 2003
It doesn't suprise me that Mark Morford has penned yet another effluent, rambling piece. (Honestly, the whole e.e. cummings style is really passé, and rarely worked for people who weren't e.e. cummings.) It doesn't surprise me that he admires Dennis Kucinich, the "Vegan Holistic President." What does surprise me, just a little, is the endorsement given to Kucinich's Department of Peace. I guess Orwell references are lost on some people.

Oh, and don't miss this brilliant essay, either: apparently, Morford had quite the crush on Clinton, but finds Bush to be, like, totally dweeby. Or something like that; I'm not sure what the point is, but it makes for fun reading.

Update: As Laura points out in the comments, Morford's lack of admiration for Bush & Co. is hardly universal. In fact, as Lisa Schiffren writes in an OpinionJournal Taste column, many women are quite fond of Rumsfeld, Bush, et al., though admittedly they don't display quite the same level of squealing-schoolgirl enthusiasm that Morford pours out on Clinton. Well, all's for the best, I suppose: I doubt Bush or Rumsfeld would have cared much for Morfords ecstatic rambling run on sentences that are ever so wonderful oh my gosh my golly they sure are sweet aren't they?


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