Monday, March 31, 2003

Peace through strength revisited

Hey, remember all those warnings that our "unilateral, cowboy approach" to Iraq would damage our other diplomatic interests? Remember the calls to deal with the North Koreans first?

Well, apparently, being tough militarily really does pay off in other diplomatic crises. Who knew?

Chinese officials may now be looking hopefully at the Iraq war - despite their official calls for it to end - to buttress their case with Pyongyang.

"When the administration started this war in Iraq, they sent a message to countries who have or have had conflicts with the U.S., a clear message: The U.S. is not a paper tiger, it's a real tiger. And also that as a major power, the U.S.'s voice and principles should be listened to closely," said Zhang Liankui, a Central Party School professor. "If the U.S. quickly finishes this war successfully, the North Koreans will be more cautious in the future."
(By way of The Command Post.)


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