Saturday, March 22, 2003

Oh man... that is just brutal

The Sun's treatment of Chirac probably violates the Geneva Convention.

Last month we accused Chirac of behaving like a worm. Today we say to the people of France: We did not go far enough. Your president is not just a worm. He has behaved like a Paris harlot.

What amuses me is not the sophomoric humor, though, but that it seemed to really get a rise out of the French:

She said: "It's not Chirac who threatens world peace. It is Bush. We are proud of our president."

Her friend Emilie Lamotte, 19, said: "All Chirac is doing is protecting us. You English have no one to protect you. If I were English I would be very scared."

Another student, Angelique Bienassis, 19, said: "You cannot call Chirac a harlot. That is so offensive to the French people. Whatever his faults he is our protector."
There is something very creepy in people who worship their leader this way, and call him their "protector." It reeks of -- what's that word? oh yeah -- fascism and a cult of personality. Sure, it's just three very young mademoiselles, but still... Chirac as the Grand Protector is a notion as creepy as it is hilarious.

Anyway, back to the sophisticated French:

Vincent Bouis, 32, was shocked at our display of good old British contempt for the French president.

He screamed: "This is violent and destructive language."
I'd go on, but mocking people like this is redundant.

(Found by way of Iron Fist in LGF comments.)


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