Tuesday, March 04, 2003
John Hawkins -- posing as "HolyWarrior," an Iraqi professor -- has a hilarious ICQ conversation with some left-wing nutjob in Brazil named "Doug":
Doug: my god!! saddan is a terrible president.... bush is more terrible..... God bless iraq.

HolyWarrior: Yes Bush is evil -- Saddam tells us that Bush eats the children of his enemies, that the United States uses the blood of children to grease it's tanks, and that Bush has everyone who disagrees with him arrested. I couldn't believe these things were true...but I guess Saddam is not so bad after all compared to that.

Doug: Bush kill our children too... by the economy!! bush kill many brasilian people! he used FMI to crash our economy and our moral

HolyWarrior: What is an FMI? Some sort of genetically engineered mutant? I heard that some Americans have been given the proportional strength of a spider and the ability to shoot webs from their hands so they can menace the population. The government found these propaganda plans and told us about it...I hope these "spi-dermen" have not been unleashed on your country as well?

Go read the whole thing; just don't drink anything near your computer. Unless you're looking to get a new keyboard.

(Found by way of Donna V. in LGF comments.)


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