Sunday, December 28, 2003
Oh, fer Chrissakes. You wanna know why Israel's position always seems to be, like, four inches away from annihilation? Well, here's a clue:
(12-28) 12:13 PST JERUSALEM (AP) -- The shooting of an unarmed Israeli peace activist during a demonstration has set off a debate among Israelis over the military's response to protesters during the last three years of conflict with the Palestinians.

While some say Friday's shooting was legitimate, critics say it finally forced Israelis to confront the kind of treatment Palestinian demonstrators have long faced.
Yeah, like we don't hear the Arabs and their "progressive" apologists screeching about it from every "news" source from here to Botswana every freaking day.
"The fingers of (Israeli) troops have been quick, too quick on the trigger when dealing with Palestinians. It was only a matter of time until it would trickle inward and produce a similar pattern of action against Israeli demonstrators as well," dovish novelist David Grossman told the daily Yediot Ahronot newspaper.
Yes, truly those Israelis are just itching to off themselves a Palestinian, because, well, it's just such a joyful experience. Not nearly as pleasant as a self-detonation -- none of that martyr's bliss for the Yahoods -- but, well, the infidels can't have everything. But it's somewhere between that and the joy ol' Eddie Said used to get while safely tossing rocks from Lebanon. I guess those mean ol' Jew-soldiers weren't as quick-triggered then.
The incident occurred Friday afternoon, when about 100 protesters gathered at the West Bank separation barrier Israel is building.

[. . .]

On Friday, the protesters were demanding that the gate near the West Bank village of Mascha be opened so farmers could tend their fields. When it was not, they cut the fence with pliers, eventually creating a hole large enough for a person to walk through, according to an Associated Press photographer on the scene.
So these assholes were demanding something (how do they get to demand? who the hell are they?), and when they didn't get it, they cut a hole through a border fence. Oh, how I'd love to see them try something like this -- oh, I dunno -- say, on the Syrian/Turkish border. Hell, I'd like to see them start a protest or even utter a peep from inside Syria. That'd be fun to watch. Anyways, they cut a hole through a security fence.

So, what happened? Did the Israelis gun down everyone involved?

On the other side, about half a dozen Israeli soldiers, who appeared panicked and unprepared, demanded they stop, fired several bullets in the air and then shot at their legs, moderately wounding an Israeli and lightly injuring an American.
Oh! My! God! So after this mob of pin-head Arab sympathizers approached a fence that keeps Arab terrorists from exploding among Israeli grocery shoppers, were told to stay away, had warning shots fired over their heads, and continued to demolish a security barrier duly approved and supported by the Israelis, they got a couple of bullets drilled into them, and received prompt medical attention. Holy smokes, someone nominate those soldiers for sainthood. I doubt any other military force -- the U.S. included -- would have tolerated this kind of shit from anyone, especially if bombs had been going off amongst their own people for years. No, I'm pretty sure any other military force would have given these "protestors" -- apparently criminal damage and vandalism is now a form of "protest" -- their just rewards: namely, an unequivocal demonstration of whether there is life after death.
Military sources said the soldiers were not equipped with rubber bullets or tear gas, traditional means of crowd dispersal.
That's because they were not doing riot-control after a Lakers' game. They are a freaking military patrol out to keep child-murderers and other assorted "Palestinian activists" from killing people. They did the best they could with what they had -- a warning, followed by non-lethal injuries. Those protestors should be thanking the soldiers on the remaining fragments of their knees.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told his Cabinet on Sunday the barrier needs to be protected, but Israel has to use the appropriate means for dispersing demonstrators.
A verbal warning, followed by shots into the air, would seem to be appropriate means of warning. Shooting the cretins if they still don't get it would be appropriate follow-up.
Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz felt the rules of engagement had been breached, according to a source at the weekly Cabinet meeting. According to Israeli military regulations, soldiers may open fire only in life-threatening situations.
Holy shit, 100 terror supporters who are cutting through the security fence and crazed enough to ignore warning shots, are not a danger to a half-dozen soldiers?! They had already cut a man-sized hole through the fence; what else were the soldiers to do? Isn't a breach of the fence a threat to them and Israeli security, by definition?
The army announced Sunday it had opened two investigations into the shooting.
Investigate away. Just as long as at the end, the Israelis and busy-body "internationals" who participated in this "protest" are jailed, and the soldiers get a beer and a pat on the back.
Israel has routinely used live ammunition against Palestinian demonstrators who sometimes pose a threat and sometimes do not, according to Yariv Oppenheimer of the dovish Israeli group Peace Now.

But the shooting Friday appeared to be the first time Israeli troops fired live rounds at a Jewish Israeli protester.
There's that "protester" again. Hey, if the nimrod had only been walking around with a sign and a slogan, he'd merely be an Arab stooge. But he participated in the cutting of the fence. That's a bit more than protest.
The wounded Israeli, Gil Naamati, 21, served for three years in an artillery unit before finishing his mandatory military service last month.

"We didn't want to threaten soldiers and we didn't threaten soldiers. All we hurt was the fence," said Naamati, who was shot in both legs.
The fence keeps Arab terrorists out of Israel. Damaging it makes it easier for terrorists to get into Israel and kill Israelis. What Mr. Naamati did endangered the lives of Israelis. Simply speaking out against the fence would be legitimate disagreement. But he admits cutting the fence. That makes him a traitor. And doing so after receiving warning shots makes him a full-fledged idiot. He's damned lucky to be alive at all -- and given the consequences of the action he was trying to take, he doesn't deserve to be.
"I was in the army, and I am familiar with the rules of engagement and what I did was not even close to something that I think would warrant opening fire," he told Army Radio from his hospital bed.
Well, the great thing about being this stupid is never having to say you're sorry.
The wounded American was not identified. Hospital officials said she was treated Friday and released two hours later.
Please tell me she was released to police authority. Or a bulldozer brigade.
The incident angered many Israelis, and the airwaves were clogged with debates Sunday.
Now this is an interesting line. Why were the Israelis "angered"? Was it over the shooting, or over the fact that one of their own would actively work to undermine their security?
"The tempest was created only because the severely injured individual was an Israeli," commentator Ofer Shelah wrote in Yediot. "Had he been a Palestinian, the incident probably would not have received even a single line in the newspaper."
Damn right, it wouldn't. Why should it? Palestinians acting suicidally stupid is not exactly news these days.
Like many, Shelah questioned whether the soldiers knew -- or should have known -- the demonstrators were Israeli, "as if Palestinian demonstrators can be shot at indiscriminately."
Wtf??!? What possible difference does it make, which passport was carried by the morons who cut the security fence in full view of an armed Israeli patrol? And what's this "indiscriminately" crap? Detonating yourself on a bus is killing "indiscriminately." Shooting people who are cutting through a security barrier -- after verbal warnings and warning shots -- is not in any way shooting indiscriminately. It is a text-book example of resisting enemy action. The fact that the enemy in this case had the combined IQ of a cactus plant doesn't make the actions of the soldiers any less legitimate.
Hard-line Cabinet minister Uzi Landau said the soldiers had to stop the protesters, or it would have set a bad precedent and encouraged others to break through the barrier. "Anyone who destroys the fence is assisting terrorism," he said.
Exactly. No point spending all those shekels building a fence if you're just going to sit there when people tear it down.
Commentator Hagai Huberman said the troops had a duty to shoot. "The soldiers did what was required of them. They prevented the fence from being breached," he wrote in the hawkish newspaper Hatzofeh.
Also true. It was a border patrol, stopping a border breach. Simple as that. Pat them on the back, say "good job," give them a week of R&R, and call it a day. Maybe the next bunch of nimrods who want to damage the fence will change their minds, and stick to demonstrations with puppets.
Others condemned such comments.

If shaking the fence is a crime punishable by death or injury, one can easily see why "dozens and hundreds of Palestinians are killed and injured all year long," analyst Doron Rosenblum wrote in the Haaretz daily.
Oh, for the love of Arafat's baby-wipes: this wasn't just any old "fence," but a security barrier between Israelis and Arab terrorists; the "protesters" didn't just "shake" the fence, but cut a hole in it that people could go through; and yes, indeed, absolutely, such an action merits a death or an "injury." How the hell does Mr. Rosenblum think you enforce the law, anyway -- by standing in front of the criminal and saying "pwetty pwease"? You don't want to be killed or injured, fine -- stay the hell away from the fence, dimwit. Otherwise, expect to be killed or injured; think of it as a hands-on demonstration of natural selection at work.
"Either way, it's indeed a severe mishap: For a moment we were given a glimpse of what we have become," he wrote.
Yes indeed: the Israelis have become people willing to kill to secure their nation against genocidal murderers. The horror. Bien-pensants in Europe and the UN might not approve.


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