Thursday, August 14, 2003
I can't remember where I found this (probably at Daily Pundit), but Howard Veit has a very insightful viewpoint on the whole clash of civilizations (which involves more than just us Westerners and Muslims). I don't agree with everything he says -- hell, I disagree with much of it -- but it is still worthwhile reading, and something we all should keep in mind.

What we show all these other cultures as a better way, is our "culture", not our Bill of Rights. One rap song is enough for everyone to say "get out of my life". India is now a certified power. They have the bomb, a ton of money, a successful university system turning out some of the world's top programmers and scientists. They are a net food exporter. They think they are every bit as good as us. They are right, because they have money too.
Umm, and don't read it if you are bothered by gratuitous scatological references. You've been warned.


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