Thursday, August 14, 2003
A few months back, just after the Columbia launch (and before its tragic end), I inadvertently gained some notoriety by slopping together what I thought was a pretty obvious parody, describing the purported Arab reaction to an Israeli astronaut in space.
In Gaza City today, thousands of Palestinians marched in the streets, many firing weapons into the air. "With our blood and our souls, we will strike the orbital Zionists," chanted the protestors...
I thought lines like the above were a pretty good giveaway that this was an exaggerated spoof, but to my amazement and chagrin, some people took the "story" a bit too seriously, including those who really ought to know better. Back then, I couldn't really fathom how anyone might mistake such a ridiculous yarn for reality.

Now I'm beginning to understand:

Angry fans of a Pop Idol-style Arab television show have staged a protest after a Lebanese singer was voted out.

About 150 supporters of Melhem Zein gathered outside a Beirut television studio after he lost out in the semi-final of Superstar...

Zein's fans were furious at the show's outcome. "With our blood and souls, we sacrifice for you Melhem," they shouted.
I give up. This stuff can't be parodied.

Source: This comment by Haiku at LGF.


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