Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Andrew Sullivan mentions something that's been bothering me:
THE LEFT'S DESPAIR: I was walking through my neighborhood the other day - in D.C.'s hyper-p.c. Adams Morgan - and I swear I've been seeing a few more anti-war posters since the war ended. The signs are perhaps expressions of some kind of rage at reality...
(Emphasis Sullivan's.)

I've noticed that too. At first, seeing "No War on Iraq" stickers and signs for a war that had already begun (and then, for a war that was over), I figured their owners simply hadn't gotten around to removing them. But it's been quite a while now, and the stickers and posters are still up. It's a poignant mixture of sad and absurd, really: defeated misguided idealism that refuses to acknowledge reality.

Must be the same process that compels people to keep those "Nader 2000" stickers on their cars. Maybe it's there to make it really clear to the rest of us that some people are really slow to catch on.


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