Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Last night was the Democrats' Waterloo.

But that's been discussed to death all over the blogosphere and the news outlets today. I'd like to cover a more important topic.

I didn't catch The Daily Show last night, so I watched yesterday's episode today. Two guests:

Fmr. Gov. William Weld (R, Mass), in studio - great sense of humor, deadpan, self-effacing.

Al Sharpton, by satellite from the Kerry/Edwards campaign HQ - leaden punchlines, cheap shots at Weld ("he can't send the state troopers after me anymore"), repeating the "we wuz robbed" line from Florida 2000, threatening to throw Bush out of the White House. A two-bit thug in a thousand-dollar suit.

I would have paid good money to see Sharpton's reaction when Bush cleaned up this election. That the Kerry campaign made him prominent during the convention and had him at their headquarters on Election Day -- that alone made the Democrats' humiliating and unmitigated defeat thoroughly deserved. They would do well to ponder just how close a relationship they need to have with the likes of Sharpton.

As would John Stewart.


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