Monday, August 02, 2004
A quick round-up of recent news from those wacky fun folks, the Palestinians:
  • First, some "militants" burn down government offices because Arafat assigned his brother to be the new head of Palestinian security.
  • Next, some other "militants" stormed into a "reform meeting" and shot it up for being a "plot against Arafat."
  • Today, a guard at a jail holding some alleged collaborators with Israel decided that rather than supervise them, he'd just as soon toss a grenade in their cell. Not all his targets died right away, so later his buddies came and shot one in his hospital bed.
  • Meanwhile, the heroic fighters of Hamas bravely launched Qassam rockets at the Israeli town of Sderot, while another group of fearless fighters courageously tried to gun down a car with eight children on board. (Thankfully, they missed.)
  • Sounds to me like a wonderfully civilized society, ready for its own state.

    August 3 update: Russell Wardlow adds some perspective:

    Hey, so they tossed some grenades in an occupied cell. At least they didn't put women's panties on the inmates' head. THAT would be unexcusable.
    Point well taken.


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