Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Let me see if I have this straight: The so-called International "Court" of "Justice," the self-declared "principal judicial organ of the United Nations", presided over by "judges" from such illustrious places as China, Egypt, Jordan, and Russia -- staunch defenders of human rights, all! -- has issued a decision that Israel's barrier against Palestinian terrorism is verbotten because it amounts to an illegal grab of land that Israel has already won properly in a war of aggression it did not start. (Never mind, of course, that there is no such country as Palestine, and no borders of theirs are recognized by the UN or by Israel.)

The General Assembly, with all the usual suspects, votes to support this, and demand that Israel "comply" with this farce. The only two countries whose opinion matters at all -- i.e. Israel and the United States -- vote against. The usual leftoid screech chorus reaches its loudest crescendo since just before the invasion of Iraq.

In a new twist, the EUroids and the rest of the nuanced, progressive world sell out the Jews to a band of genocidal psychopaths, hiding their venality behind high-minded bullshit. Well, ok, that part is not really new.

The Chinese state press goes into overtime preening about Israeli perfidy in the face of human rights and "international law." I guess 15 years is plenty of time to wash the blood off the tanks. Feichang hao, tongzhi!

Meantime, with that icky wall depriving the "defenseless Palestinians" of convenient Jewish targets, the savages have turned, rat-like, upon one another. Oh, and while they are at it, they began using their UN enablers for hostages. The UN workers, committed to nothing if not principle, bravely stay in the Palestinian territories, helping the helpless and counting on Arab hospitality and good sense to protect them. . . No, haha, I'm only kidding! The UN, at the first sign of trouble, ran for the protection of that illegal, immoral, totally-buzz-killin' wall so fast, they made the Filipino scramble from Iraq look heroic. This is the outfit whose approval the U.S. should have sought before removing Hussein from power. World opinion, legitimacy, multilateralism, very very important, donchaknow.

Meantime, of course, the Israeli wall is saving lives, Hussein is in U.S. custody, and as to the weight of "world opinion," 150 times zero is still zero.


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