Wednesday, March 24, 2004

This explains a lot!

I believe we have found one of the major root causes of idiotarianism:
UNITED NATIONS - The brainpower of entire nations has diminished because of a shortage of the right vitamins, and slipping nutrients into people's food seems to be the only solution, a new U.N. survey says. . .

In most Western countries, governments have fought the problem with additives: iodine is sprayed onto salt before packaging, vitamin A is added to milk and margarine, and flour is enriched with niacin, iron and folic acid.

But that doesn't work in countries where governments are weak, food is not processed in big mills and diets are based on a single starchy staple like rice or corn.
(Emphasis mine)

Suddenly, the commonality between organic-everything anti-industrial antiglobazoids and Third-World Islamist nutcases is revealed: the former eschews foods that prevent stupidity, and the latter doesn't have access to same.

Update April 16, 2004: Yahoo link no longer valid; changed to point to the same AP story at the Miami Herald.


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