Monday, March 22, 2004
Fun quotes on the Yassin liquidation from the Seattle P-I:
"This is one of the biggest crimes that the Israeli government has committed." - Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia.
Pot, kettle. Also, I love the lack of quotes around "Prime Minister."
"Words cannot describe the emotion of anger and hate inside our hearts." - Ismail Haniyeh, a close associate of Yassin.
As opposed to the love and sweetness normally associated with Hamas.
"Yassin is a man in a nation, and a nation in a man. And the retaliation of this nation will be of the size of this man. ... You will see deeds not words." - Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi.
Whoa... a man in a nation, and a nation in a man. That's some deep stuff, Rantisi. Hey, do I hear a helicopter overhead...?
"The United States urges all sides to remain calm and exercise restraint." - U.S. State Department spokesman Lou Fintor.
Ah, incisive stuff as usual from our State Department. I'm sure the Arabs are really impressed with our even-handedness.
"The Zionists didn't carry out their operation without getting the consent of the terrorist American administration, and it must take responsibility for this crime." - Hamas statement to The Associated Press.

And now, for my favorite:

"He (Yasser Arafat) is like a man who was hit on the head because they killed Yassin and now they could kill him. He feels his turn is next and he is sad and worried." - an aide to Arafat, describing the Palestinian leader's reaction.
Ooh, the baby wipe supply will be running low tonight! Here's hoping!


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