Friday, May 02, 2003

Too... many... jokes...

Think Microsoft Bob was silly? Try the Microsoft Bog!
MSN UK is creating what Microsoft calls the world's first Internet outhouse, or iLoo, complete with flat-screen plasma display, wireless keyboard and broadband access. MSN UK spokesman Matthew Whittingham described the portable toilet as the first "WWW.C," referring to the term W.C., or water closet...

From the outside, the iLoo is little different from other portable toilets. But inside, Microsoft serves up accoutrements that might rival some iLoo users' home PC setups. A Windows XP-powered computer resides under the sink with connection to 6-channel surround audio. A flat-screen plasma display swivels out from the side of the cabin, and a waterproof wireless keyboard can be placed on the lap for comfort.
Nothing in the article says that it's a prank, and today is not April 1st, but I just can't believe this is real. Read the whole thing -- it gets more absurd with each paragraph.

Update: Seems like this thing is for real, or at least as real as any "pre-announced" product. Here's the Microsoft press release. And here's a Daily Mirror article with a diagram.


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